A Gift Guide For Everyone

I love a good gift guide. Especially ones that have everything I want or already love on them! And, because I want them or love them, I'd be thrilled to give them. So, I put together a few items that I would love to give. If you're looking for last minute gifts or are stumped on what to get the certain someone, I hope this list inspires you. xoxo

  1. for the dapper gentleman - a dopp kit (which I've always called a shaving kit, but learned while perusing etsy for a killer shaving kit, that they are also called dopp kits. #yalearnsomethingeveryday)
  2. for the four-legged family member - a buffalo plaid leash
  3. for the new home owner - agate coasters
  4. for the cocktail connoisseur - copper mugs
  5. for the techy book worm - a book phone cover
  6. for the backyard gardener - a gathering basket
  7. for eco-minded wine-lover - a wine bottle candle
  8. for the world-traveler/adventurer - a bucket list journal
  9. for the water bottle enthusiast - a hand painted bottle
  10. for the serial crafter - a silhouette portrait

Random Facts About Me

A perfect burrito.

A perfect burrito.

Sometimes, as I go about my day, something I do will make me think...hey, I'm kinda weird. And sometimes I'll think, does anyone know this random thing about me? I mean, we're all a little weird and we're all pretty random. So, I thought it'd be fun to share a few random/little known/or maybe well-known facts about me. 

  • I would rather do all the dishes by hand than load the dishwasher. 
  • I feel guilty about this because dishwashers are technically more water efficient than hand washing the dishes. 
  • I like my food deconstructed and then I like to make individual, perfect bites. Even burritos. I want all my burrito ingredients in their own separate little piles with the tortilla on the side. That way I can make about 20 perfect mini-burritos. Yes, I take a long time to eat a burrito. 
  • Speaking of eating, I could legitimately eat soup all day everyday. In New York, I would go to the bodega in the morning and get hot soup for breakfast, then I would go to the deli at lunch and get hot soup, then I would go home and make soup. True story. Soup is my favorite food. 
  • If I break, chip, or chew even one nail, then I have to chew the rest of them off. It's gross. But it's true. 
  • I never watched Saved by the Bell. I've never seen a single episode. I can't even tell you who's in it. 
  • Coworkers often played this game called let's name every tv show that Kerrie hasn't seen. Then they'd proceed to name almost every popular show on earth. I'd barely seen any of them. Jake has made it his life mission to get me up to speed. We watch a lot of tv. Netflix is my best friend. 

Well, there you have it. Some Kerrie randomness! Enjoy the rest of your day!

xoxo Kerrie

buy a house, make a home

Home Idea Notebook wild mae

As many of you may know, Jake and I bought a house a few months back. Actually, almost 6 months back(!). When we were house shopping (a story for another time) and when we first moved into our new house, I went crazy pinning everything I could that was house related, on trend, and totally awesome. I bought a new notebook and filled it with notes and ideas and images printed from Pinterest and even more images ripped out of  the many home magazines I had been buying. I glued everything in it and then accented it with washi tape so it would look pretty. I wanted to change everything about our house. New kitchen, new bathroom, new furniture, new floors, you name it.

After a while, I actually started to resent our house. The kitchen was too small and awkward, there wasn't enough natural light, our carpets were slightly blue, the bathrooms were too small, the doors creaked, the cupboards were ugly, the living room was awkwardly shaped. I resented our belongings. The couches were brown and too big, our bedding was boring, our nightstands were old, our dishware was ugly, our coffee table was hideous. I only saw what I didn't have. I didn't have awesome graphic prints or cool lamps or sheepskin rugs or chandeliers or enough money to make all the changes and buy all the things I wanted. It was draining, negative, and completely unlike me. 

Kitchen Ideas wild mae

About two months ago, I stumbled upon this post and it totally stopped me in my tracks. (Side note: read it and then tell me "perspectacles" is not your new favorite word).  I realized that I needed to change my frame of mind. I realized that all those pins I was pinning were chic and trendy and looked awesome, but that they weren't actually my style. I started to be more discretionary before I pinned something. Do I really love this? Do I want it in my house? What about this image, this room, this style do I love? I also started to appreciate our house a little more. Or, at least I grew to appreciate it. I had a hard time transitioning from the big, beautiful kitchen of our old house to the small, no counter-space, awkward cupboard-space kitchen of our new house. I struggled to cook because it didn't feel functional. But hey, I've gotten used to it. I don't avoid cooking because I don't like our kitchen anymore. I've learned to live with it. And it's just fine. My desperation to remodel the kitchen has ebbed. It's on the someday list, not the as soon as possible list. I still don't love our house. There are reasons for that outside of all this. It's part of that "story for another time" I mentioned. I'll write it - our house buying story - but not today. 

Kitchen Cabinets Before

So, here's the thing. I am eternally grateful for our house and all of our belongings. I am appreciative and thankful and I am so fortunate and blessed. Our house has some awesome attributes and I have a lot of really cool things. In fact, I probably have too much stuff. I have unused things that are just sitting away. I need to put my stuff to use or get rid of it. I need to be loving and kind when I look at our things, our house, our home. Maybe our brown couches aren't my favorite, but I have some really pretty fabrics, sarongs, and throws that I can use to cover them up. My goal, or more like my mission, is to make our house a home over the coming months. To be mindful and to appreciate what I already have. If I don't like something, then I need to re-imagine it. I don't like the coffee table. Fine. Can I turn it into something that I do like? Can I refinish it or use it somewhere else? If not, then I live with it and I thank it for being an awesome coffee table and for holding our dinner plates and balancing our wine glasses with utmost stability each night as we wind down after a long day's work. I can do that. Easy peasy. Just gotta put my perspectacles on. 

I'm excited. I really am. I already have so many ideas for ways to personalize different rooms with stuff I already have or can easily make myself. It's all about one step at a time. One little project at a time. One box to get through. One picture to hang. I am grateful for our home and I love to make stuff. This is a good combination! I'll keep you all posted here on the blog. I can't wait to show you little tweaks and changes instead of my previously planned entire room overhauls. Let's be real. I don't have time for that. I might not love my house, but I sure can turn it into a home that I love. 

xoxo Kerrie

The Best Medicine


I went to my first crossfit class in month today. The last class I took was the first class I had taken since completing the Elements course. That was on October 7th. The fateful date of the dive that my dad never returned from. 

Jake has been pushing me to go. Many days I've had every intention of going. But I'm tired. So tired. And I'm busy. So so busy. And some days I look at the workout of the day and I just know I won't be able to handle it. So I don't. 

But today. Today I went. The workout looked challenging, but it allowed moments to catch your breath. And it felt good. It felt so good. I forgot that when you walk in the door and start that warm up it's no longer intimidating. People are nice. The coaches are so nice. They modified everything that needed to be modified to help me get back into it. I worked on form. I completed the entire workout and my lungs still ache, but I feel strong. I know my dad would be proud. I want to be strong for him. Physically strong. I want to be strong for me. 

I'm so glad I made myself go. I hope I can continue to make myself go. I love feeling powerful. I need to feel powerful right now. Exercise really is great medicine.