I'm going to be 28 in two months. For the past decade I've been excited to turn 30. I still can't wait to turn 30, but, at the same time, I'm not ready for these birthdays leading up to it. When my mom was visiting a few weeks ago, she asked me how I felt about turning 28. I told her "unaccomplished." She asked "Really?" rather incredulously. I don't blame her. And the more I think about the worse I feel. I feel bad that that was my response. And I feel bad that I think I am unaccomplished. Ultimately, it's not about turning 28 it's about getting closer to 30 and not being where I think I should be. I shouldn't feel this way though. I don't really feel this way. I feel this way every year when Forbes publishes it's 30 under 30 issue. And especially this last year when my coworker had 3 peers from his same class in college show up on the list. I feel this way when I see people my age dominating the blog-o-sphere. And when I think about where I thought I would be now, 10 years ago (married, with kids, owning a company, etc.). I feel this way when I compare myself to others.

And that, my friends, is the worst way to live your life. 

Who says I have to be a millionaire to be accomplished? Who says I have to own a company or be married with 3 kids to be accomplished? No one. No one says that. And, if they do, they aren't worth listening to. I get to decide what accomplished means to me. 


And, guess what?

I AM accomplished. I am so accomplished. I own a house! I have the job that was my dream job when I got it a few years ago. Who cares that it isn't my dream job now. If I got it once, I can get it again. I'm in a beautiful relationship and I have a great family. I have amazing friends. I live in the city I chose to live in and got to keep my "dream job" when I decided to move here. I've participated in 2 craft fairs this year and plan to do at least 2 more. I had a recipe and a DIY published to the Gawkerverse. How cool is that? I have so many opportunities ahead of me that are a result of my hard work and even though I don't know which I'm going to pursue, the fact that I have them is an accomplishment in and of itself. I make enough money. I make more than enough money. I know this because I survived making a 1/3 of what I do now just a few short years ago. Sure, I'd like to make more, but MONEY is not an accomplishment. At least, it's not for me. Not right now. 

So, I'm excited to turn 28. I'm excited for my next journey around the sun. A whole new year to accomplish so much more. And I'm going to focus everyday on being grateful for what I have and proud of what I have accomplished thus far in my life. 

What makes you feel accomplished? What is your definition of accomplishment?

p.s. Thanks Mom, for looking at me like I was an idiot for thinking I am unaccomplished. You were right (per usual), I was an idiot. :)

Horseshoe Market This Saturday

Hey all! I'm so excited to announce that I'll be a vendor at the Summer Horseshoe Market this Saturday. It's such a great outdoor market so if you're in the neighborhood (Denver, CO), you definitely have to stop by and check it out. 

When Jake and I first moved to Denver last year, we were driving around exploring the city and stumbled upon this fabulous market. It had great vendors selling amazing handmade and vintage goods and delicious food trucks. People were walking around with their dogs and there were lots of people but it wasn't overwhelmingly crowded. I told Jake that I really wanted to try to participate in the market one day and, lo and behold, one year later I am! 

I really hope you can make it out. Check out the Facebook Event Page if you'd like to help spread the word too. I'll be selling my hand-etched glassware and will possibly be unveiling a brand new product/design too :) Also, Horseshoe Market will be giving away swag bags to the first 50 customers. Get there early (it starts at 9) and you just might get yourself some Wild Mae loot!

xoxo Kerrie

Wacky Wednesday

Hey guys! I'm so tired. So. Tired. By the end of work today, I'll have worked 40 hours already this week. And yes, I work a M-F job and, yes, it's only Wednesday. I'm so beat that I called the kitchen a chicken yesterday. As in, "hey babe, can you please go get me a paper towel from the chicken?" mmkay thanks. I also ate a chip today and immediately spit it out because in the time that it took me to transfer the chip from my hand to my mouth, I forgot that I was eating chips and the flavor and the fact that there was something in my mouth shocked me. Yes, I'm putting forth real quality work over here. Haha! I need sleep. And a yoga class. 

Anyway, good news is it's Wednesday and Friday is a holiday. Yay for 3-day weekends! Did you know the 4th of July is my favorite holiday? Well, it is. Now you know!

What are your weekend plans?

p.s. that photo is from my first few months living in NYC, before they redid the Coney Island Boardwalk. It's one of my favorites. 

Succulent Ampersand Wall Art DIY

Succulent Ampersand DIY

Sometime a while back I saw this ampersand planter filled with plants hanging on a backyard fence on pinterest or craftgawker or somewhere like that. I couldn't get it out of my mind and I really wanted one hanging above mine and Jake's bed. The only problem was, I didn't want living plants dripping water and soil onto our bed sheets. So, I decided to make my own fake one with succulents. 

Oh, and more recently, I've started following Elise Blaha Cripe's blog, enJOY it. After following her for a little while, learning she loves ampersands, and starting to recognize her aesthetic, I just knew that she must have been the one who created the ampersand planter that I had seen so many months ago. Sure enough, after typing "ampersand" into her search box, I found the original post. It's soooo cute!

Succulent Ampersand Tutorial
_MG_6224 (3).jpg

I am seriously so happy with how this turned out. It could be one of my favorite DIY projects to date. And all it took was one afternoon in front of the tv binging on Game of Thrones. :) I love that some people have asked me how I water it. They are so surprised when I tell them it's fake! Thank you Hobby Lobby for having such realistic looking plastic succulents. 

Not into ampersands? No problem! (Who are you by the way?!) You could easily modify this tutorial to be your initial or any other shape you desire.

Succulent Ampersand Step by Step.jpg


  • large piece of sturdy cardboard about the dimensions of your ampersand (mine was about 1.5 feet by 2 feet)
  • a bag or two of moss from the flower supply section at a craft store
  • assortment of fake succulents (I got mine at Hobby Lobby. How many you need depends on how large your ampersand is. I erred on the side of too many and just returned what I didn't use.)
  • pen, hot glue gun, wire snippers, craft knife, packing tape


  1. Draw your desired shape, in this case an ampersand, onto your cardboard. I sketched it out in pencil until I was happy with it and then traced over it with a thick black marker. 
  2. Using your craft knife, carefully cut out your shape from the cardboard. 
  3. Reinforce the joints, especially where the top loop of the ampersand meets the bottom loop, with packing tape. 
  4. Using your hot glue gun, cover the whole thing with a layer of your moss. Step back and look for any gaps where you can see the cardboard and glue on more moss. Pick up your shape and gently shake out any loose moss. 
  5. Using wire snippers, separate bunches of succulents into individual florets or stems. Try to maintain the long wire stems of any succulents that have them. 
  6. Here come's the fun part! Lay out all your succulents on your ampersand/shape until you are happy with the placement. Once you are happy, take your hot glue gun and start attaching each succulent. Any succulent that has a long wire stem, use your hands or pliers to bend the stem in an L shape. This will allow you to anchor it into the moss more securely. 
  7. Hang your ampersand on the wall, step back and admire your handiwork! 

And just because he's so cute. Sweet Moose.