Taking Stock #4

coffee and crochet wild mae

Time for another round of Taking Stock!

Cooking : tons and tons of zucchini bread (my garden has gone insane)
Drinking : homemade pumpkin spice lattes 
Reading : Lean In by Cheryl Sandberg except I've been listening to it on audio book
Wanting :  to catch up on sleep. Puppies are a lot of work. 
Looking :  forward to this season and immersing myself in Fall projects. 
Playing :  with paper for the first time since college
Crocheting : a large basket and eco-friendly "cotton pads" 
Planning : travels for all the holidays...whose family, what city, etc.
Enjoying : living alone with Jake
Waiting : excitedly for a meeting with a small business and tax consultant next week! #nerdalert
Planning : a super awesome holiday workshop with Share Denver
Loving : having a newly cleaned and organized craft room. It's so inspiring!
Teaching : lots of classes at Share. 3 different ones!
Marveling : over my body's improvement after just one month of crossfit. 
Needing : to finish this big work project by the end of month
Going : on a trip every weekend. So busy.
Moving : the rest of Jessie's stuff up to Bozeman, MT
Thinking : about new products for the Wild Mae shop
Feeling :  a little under the weather. First a head cold and now a chest cold :(
Wearing :  yoga pants everyday. I need to break this habit.
Learning : the laws and practices of real estate in Colorado

As usual, I removed some prompts and added a few. If I'm stumped on a prompt, I don't want to stress about coming up with something! 

See Taking Stock #1 , #2 , and #3.

Pick a prompt or two from the list and leave me your responses in the comments! 

Inspiration from here and originally from here

Our little bundle of joy...

Moxie Mae Boxer Heeler Puppy

Meet Moxie Mae! Short for Moccasin. She is the sweetest, cutest little girl ever and she has completely stolen my heart. She is a boxer/heeler mix and is about 9 weeks old this week. We found her on Craigslist. A woman had adopted her (although we aren't very confident in this) and then realized she couldn't care for a puppy. We drove all the way to Colorado Springs at 10pm on a Tuesday to meet her and, ultimately, adopt her. I'm so glad we did. We were told that she was 8 weeks old, but after her vet appt the next day, it turned out she was barely 7 weeks. I'm sure she would have found another home quickly, but she definitely wasn't in a good one at the time. Luckily she's young enough that there shouldn't be any scarring. Although, she's also a little too young, so we will be working through some mommy issues with her. So sweet though, right? 

Sleepy Moxie Mae
Moxie Mae and Libby
Moxie Mae and El Capitan

She is getting along swimmingly with Libby and El Capitan. She has lots of doggy friends at my work and she has loves everyone. She has no loyalty. ;-) She is already learning to sit pretty well, she knows her name, and comes when called as long as there aren't too many distractions. It's definitely a lot of work, but so rewarding when she learns something new! I just love her. 

Oh Hey Moxie Mae

I mean, look at that face. She slays me. 

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28 Before 29

Wild  Mae 28 Before 29 List

If you've been hanging out in blog land for a while, you may have noticed how many people create birthday lists coinciding with the age they are turning. A list of items/goals they'd like to complete before their next birthday. They aren't all grandiose. I mean, depending on your age there can be a lot on that list! They range from as simple as try something new to as big and complex as starting a business. Some people get creative and decide to do X amount of projects before the next birthday. I believe this was all started by Hula Seventy. Anyway, I made a list of 28 things I'd like to do before my 29th birthday. 

  1. learn to do a pull-up
  2. sew a quilt
  3. hike a fourteener
  4. complete a full triathlon
  5. decorate our bedroom
  6. build a dining room table
  7. go on a just-the-two-of-us vacation with Jake
  8. start an online shop
  9. pay off credit cards
  10. plant a wildflower/native garden
  11. purge beauty and bath products
  12. display more photos
  13. start a new tradition
  14. go on more dates (at least one a month)
  15. compost during warm weather
  16. go on a road trip
  17. make traditional Japanese ramen
  18. do something out of my comfort zone
  19. make homemade jam/jelly
  20. send out birthday cards - on time!
  21. make a mini-book
  22. try a new hairstyle - cut or color
  23. go to a music festival
  24. make wine
  25. go to 120 Crossfit classes
  26. not shown for personal reasons!
  27. volunteer
  28. teach a workshop

So there you have it! My 28 Before 29 List in no particular order. I feel like it's a good mix of challenging and simple, goals and to-dos.

I look forward to my 29th trip around the sun!

xoxo Kerrie

21 Day Yoga Girl Challenge

21 Day Yoga Girl Challenge Wild Mae

For 21 days between mid-August and early September, I participated in Rachel Brathen's (@yoga_girl) 21 Day #yogagirlchallenge on Instagram. When she first posted the challenge, the list of daily prompts, more so than the chance at winning a spot in her Thailand workshop, enticed me to participate. I had been so busy and stressed. Life was definitely taking it's toll on me. Each prompt spoke to me in one way or another and, as a whole, they promised 21 days of mindful living. Just what I needed. 


An interesting theme ended up emerging for me throughout the challenge: Just Start. Just start crossfit. Just start real estate school. Just start cleaning. Just start loving. Just start that next project. Stop being scared. Stop saying I can't or maybe later. Just start. And, that mentality has definitely stayed with me since finishing the challenge. I definitely feel like a winner despite not winning the challenge itself. I've felt much more in control and happier these past few weeks than I felt before. 

Here are some excerpts from some of my favorite posts. Be sure to go through my Instagram feed to see all of them!


Day 3: #riseandshine.

Today I woke up an hour earlier than I have been. It's the hour I'd ideally like to get out of bed everyday. It was so nice to spend some extra time in the garden with a hot cup of coffee. It's like therapy! My favorite thing to do is prune all the suckers off my tomato plants. I get immense satisfaction from it. Ha!

Day 5: #getridofabadhabit 

@yoga_girl asked us to get rid of a bad habit. I have a bad habit of telling myself I can't. But I CAN. I am able and capable and I can overcome fear and I can do whatever I set my mind to. So I will. :-)

Day 8: #manifestingdreams

I constantly feel torn by all the things I want in my life. I want to live in the mountains AND I want to live by the sea. I want to travel the world AND I want to put down roots. I want to start my own creative business AND I want the stability of a traditional job. I feel so inspired and just. so. stuck. I feel really lost a lot of the time. I need to figure out what I want. I need to decipher what I really want from what I just think I want. Because I can have it all. I can dream big and live big. I just have to put it out there into the world and then go after it.

Day 16: #thealtar
I've been putting this off because I wanted to set up the "perfect" place. But then I realized I'll never have this space if I'm waiting for perfection. I have a little box full of important mementos. The ashes of an old friend. The broken bracelet that I wore every day for years in memory of another old friend. A photo and shot glass that remind me of a beautiful soul. Rocks and collected stones. Precious gifts. So I just got them all out and I set it up. 
I think #juststart is becoming the theme of this challenge for me. 

Day 19: #randomactofkindness
For this RAOK, I put together these little bags of goodies to keep in my car to randomly hand out to the homeless. I've heard them called blessings bags before. Instead of scrambling for loose change at stoplights, I can be prepared and feel good about handing out these useful kits. I filled mine with spf lip balm, lotion (it's so dry here!), kleenex, wet wipes, a toothbrush with case, toothpaste, and granola bars. These were so easy and inexpensive to put together. I want to make a million more! 


Day 21: #selflove
I chose to make today not about indulging myself, but about real deep down self love. This challenge has made me be a little more "real" on social media than I normally am. A little more raw. So I'm gonna get even more real here. I often struggle with self love. Not in a I-hate-myself-everyday kind of way. I have some great qualities. I am a loyal and devoted friend, girlfriend, sister, daughter. I am an awesome gift giver and I think I have a nice smile. I like many things about myself. Unfortunately, a lot of the time these good qualities are overshadowed by my perceived negative qualities. The stories I tell myself. I'm overweight. I'm not good enough. I will fail. People won't like me. I have wrinkly hands and I come with so much relationship and family baggage. The people who love me, will leave me or hurt me. I find it really hard, and I mean really hard, to say nice things to myself. It's become habit, second nature, to constantly think not so nice things about myself. I have to actively change the words to positive ones. Actively focus on the good. It's not easy, but it's something I have to do. Something I NEED to do. So, I'm going to take pictures and not point out every flaw. I'm going to do what makes me happy even if I don't want to (here's looking at you crossfit). I'm going to love myself so that I can love the people around me even more. 
I am brave. I am strong. I am enough. 

That last one was pretty long, but it's one of my favorites. I was afraid to post it! Like I said in the caption, I don't tend to get to personal on social media. I mean, I'll post personal positive things, but never really negative or insecure things. Not that this was negative. It just exposed some of my fears and insecurities and that's always a scary thing. 

So, there you have it. I'm so glad I started, and more importantly, completed the challenge. It was a lot of fun and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone a bit. 

xoxo Kerrie