Checking in on "Grow"

Wild Mae Garden Grow

Back in January, I chose my one little word for 2014 in lieu of making resolutions. I chose "grow". Today I want to check in on that little word.

I found myself thinking about my word for 2015 a few weeks back. How lame is that? 2014 isn't even over, not even close to over, and yet I'm already dismissing it and moving on to the next one. I still have many more months to grow. I realized that I've sort of lost sight of my word. I'm not sure what it means to me anymore. I'm not even sure how I've applied it thus far. I need to re-ground. I need to not let grow go. I need to invite it into my life for the rest of this year so that it can, hopefully, carry on with me for years to come despite whatever my new word is. 

Looking back over the year so far, these are the ways I think I've grown:

-- I've become more patient. Patient with my relationship, patient with my family, patient with my coworkers. 

-- I've mellowed out with my siblings. I can be really intense with my advice and how I deliver it. I can be overly "motherly" and not just "sisterly". But, I've learned (and am learning!) to just listen and to know when to offer advice and then do so in a non-bossy way. I also try to just allow mistakes. It's part of life. And I tend to want to fix everything for everyone. I'm getting better about just saying, yeah, that sucks. Or you'll figure it out, just do what you gotta do. It's definitely making for some healthier relationships!

-- I bought a house. With my boyfriend. 

-- I've become diligent about tracking all my finances. I use on the daily. 

Ways I think I can grow over the next few months:

-- I need to be more patient with myself. I've been really hard on myself lately and it's not good for my self-esteem, my productivity, my motivation, or my happiness. 

-- I need to be better about budgeting. I know where I spend my money. Now I need to reign it in and prioritize. 

-- I need to let go of fear. I've been feeling stagnant and unhappy with my career and those feelings are permeating into the rest of my life. Stagnant is the opposite of grow. I need to figure out how to change this, whether it be getting a new job or redefining the one I have now. I need to not be so afraid of failure and go after what I really want. 

Well, now that I have a road map to help me grow for the rest of the year, I feel a little better. I have 4 months to continue to grow and I'm going to make the most of them!

xoxo Kerrie


Cinder Block Nightstand

Cinder Block Nighstand from Wild Mae

I've been living the past few months with all of my stuff just piled on the ground. After being sufficiently sick of it, yesterday I DIYed myself a nightstand with cinder blocks I had used to make a raised garden bed at our old house. 

Cinder Block Nightstand Before - Wild Mae
Cinder Block Nightstand After - Wild Mae

The original idea was to cut down a piece of wood to go on top of the upright pieces, but, not wanting to go buy wood nor stain it and also realizing that it would be too short, I ended up laying two more cinder blocks long ways on top. I actually love how it turned out. The little cubbies are perfect for books and chapstick and pens. And, they'll help me keep the top from getting too cluttered. Eventually I may used wood to make it longer, but we'll see. For now, it's perfect. I love having my side of the bed finally organized and functional! It still looks a little plain so I think I'll have to add some art or something to the wall. 

Did you have a productive weekend?

xoxo Kerrie

Taking Stock #3

I discovered this fun and easy way to "take stock" of life happenings and current thoughts and feelings from Sometimes Sweet. A long list of one word prompts. Here goes Round 3!

Making :  weavings upon weavings. If you haven't heard, I'm teaching Weaving 101 classes at Share Denver. Lots of fun!
Cooking : antipasti dinners. Not really cooking, just an assortment of fresh veggies, cheeses, olives, and spreads. 
Drinking : white wine 
Reading : started The Flamethrowers. Finished a beach read. Hoping to start #girlboss. Maybe I'll finish The Flamethrowers. 
Wanting : a weekend with nothing to do. 
Looking : for a long course pool that is open to the public.  
Playing : along with the #yogagirlchallenge on Instagram
Sewing : nothing these days. Really want to start a quilt, but need to get through this season of craziness first. 
Planning : next year's garden. I soon, but I'm so excited to get an early start this time!
Enjoying : cooler mornings with a cup of coffee in hand. 
Waiting : for September. I love September.
Wondering : what's next. Like not immediately next, but next in my life. 
Loving : meeting by brother's girlfriend (finally!) and hosting her for a weekend. 
Hoping : to take a trip with Jake, just the two of us, and some point in the near future. 
Marveling : over summer storms followed by rainbows. 
Needing : a new mouse for my laptop. 
Going : to lots of shows and concerts. Pretty Lights, Dean Ween, Jack White, Portugal. The Man. All this month!
Moving : boxes from room to room. Not quite knowing where I want everything to end up. 
Thinking : about goals and challenges and plans for the upcoming season and year (birthday year)!
Feeling : overwhelmed with the news. The strife in the world weighs heavy on my heart. 
Opening : my mind and heart to gratefulness and feeling "enough". I have enough, I am enough. 
Giggling : nervously about starting crossfit in September. I don't know why I'm so scared!

As usual, I removed some prompts and added a few. If I'm stumped on a prompt, I don't want to stress about coming up with something! 

See Taking Stock #1 here and #2 here

Pick a prompt or two from the list and leave me your responses in the comments! 

Inspiration from here and originally from here

Summer Swap 2014

Do y'all remember when I participated in a Blog Swap earlier in the year? Well, it was so much fun that I decided to participate in the Summer Swap too! My swap partner ended up being none other than the swap host herself, sweet Amanda of Sweet Potato Claire. At first I was nervous...what do you get the woman who runs the show? Then, I relaxed and realized she's just like everyone else. She's going to love and appreciate whatever I get her. This swap is about connection and not who gets the "coolest" package. 

So, even though I follow Amanda's blog regularly, I still did some snooping around. It was fun reading back on some of her archives. I ended up etching her, her husband, and their daughter each their own mason jar mug. I included a cut out daisy lid for each and a package of birch paper straws. I can just see them sipping lemonade or iced tea at the end of a long day gardening, working on their new house, and/or beekeeping. (P.S. how cool is it that they have bees?!) 

I also painted a set of watercolor postcards for Amanda to send out or keep or frame. Whatever she wants! I had fun just letting the paint flow and I tried not too think too hard about each card. I just kept purple as the primary color in order to keep the collection cohesive. 

I hope you enjoy Amanda! And thank you so much for hosting yet another fun swap! 

I have yet to receive my package from whoever got me, but I'll post pictures here when I do. 

xoxo Kerrie