a new year a new word (+ a free download)

A few weeks ago I thought of my "One Little Word" for 2015. It just hit me and it's perfect. It's LOVE. Last year was GROW, this year is LOVE. Thinking about it (overthinking about it), I realize it seems cliche. But, I promise, it's anything but that for me. It's not love like "all you need is love" or love like "weak in knees and butterflies." This is love in all it's shapes and forms. It encompasses gentleness, kindness, patience, tenderness, fearlessness. It is self-love. Which is what I really need right now. It is love for each other and love for the earth and love for ourselves and love for our homes and love for our relationships and love for fear and love for change and love for love. It is about reflection and asking ourselves, am I coming from a loving place right now? Am I being loving? 

I'm coming up with different ways to infuse 2015 with love. I've started a Pinterest Board with all images and quotes that align with the intent of my word. 2014 kicked my ass. Especially the last season of it. In many ways it was great (we bought a house!), but it was also gut-wrenching, painful, confusing, and heart-breaking. Losing my dad has turned me upside down. Not only do I need to learn how to move forward without him in this life, but I need to learn how move forward as me, with myself, in my life. This experience has brought up a lot of stuff for me. Much of which is not even related to my dad at all, but it's surfaced none the less. And this is my time to take care of it. This is the year for me. And, it can only be the year for me if it is filled with love. 

I played with watercolor this morning to create some reminders of love around the house. I originally just wanted the word love, plain and simple, in the middle of the page like the second image above. I pulled out a piece of watercolor paper and practiced painting love over and over again before I had only one shot to get it right on the final piece of paper. However, I love how the "practice" paper turned out. So, now I have them both. And, I'd like for you to have them too. Spreading the love I guess.

You can download the love love love print here and the love print here. They are 8x10 and print out very nicely on white cardstock. 

In addition to my one little word, I am also using the Daily Goal Tracker for 2015 from Elise Joy. The original letterpress print (above left) is for tracking my goal of meditating every day. I am really excited about this! The second chart is a pdf that I printed onto cardstock and cut down to 8x10. (You can buy the download here.) It's for tracking each day that I drink a gallon of water. I have yet to do it! But that's ok, this is about forming habits. And, as Elise says, "Shoot for Progress, Not Perfection". Yes yes yes. Don't both these goals seem loving towards myself? Nurturing and kind? I think so. 

They are hanging on my wall next to my 28 Before 29 list. Every day that I get to cross something off, color something in, or tally something up is a GOOD DAY. 

What about you? Do you have a little word for the new year? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo Kerrie

More purging

Coffee Wild Mae

Ever since my dad disappeared, I haven't really been reading any blogs. I don't have the band width to concentrate on sifting through my Feedly, let alone read any actual post. I couldn't even handle Instagram for the longest time. The only blog I've kept up on is Elise Joy's. I don't know why, but every morning, Monday through Friday, I read her latest post before I start my day. There are some writers I love (I don't want to say bloggers because their writing is so much more than that), but I still haven't had the energy to really visit each of their sites. And, because of everything that is going on, I've read a few "grieving" blog posts. Some writers/grievers have resonated with me and so I'd like to keep up with them. 

Last night I was laying in bed and I was thinking how exhausting it was to have to go through all the feeds on my blog reader to find the posts I actually want to read and, just like that, I deleted every single blog I was subscribed too. Except the aforementioned. I deleted ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FIVE blogs! I mean, really?! I also follow many of them on other social media sites so it's pretty redundant. I'm not going to miss out. If they post something I'm interested in I'm sure I'll see it somewhere. I ended up keeping seven blogs and I added a few that I've been wanting to add (the grieving ones/inspirational ones/just what I need right now ones). In case you're curious, these are the few that I've stayed subscribed too. 

Elise Joy
Beauty That Moves
Revolution From Home
Poor Man's Feast
Coffee in the Woodshed
Sweet Potato Claire
Soule Mama

I also added the following that are all new or newish to me. 

Seaweed Kisses
Susannah Conway
Oh, Fransson!
Rowdy Kittens
Run, Hike, Live, Love

It seriously feels so good to not have all that online clutter! I'm not sure I'll be reading them all everyday, but at least I can skim a few posts from blogs I know I like and decide if it's an article worth reading at that moment or not. What are your every day or every few days, must read blogs?

A Gift Guide For Everyone

I love a good gift guide. Especially ones that have everything I want or already love on them! And, because I want them or love them, I'd be thrilled to give them. So, I put together a few items that I would love to give. If you're looking for last minute gifts or are stumped on what to get the certain someone, I hope this list inspires you. xoxo

  1. for the dapper gentleman - a dopp kit (which I've always called a shaving kit, but learned while perusing etsy for a killer shaving kit, that they are also called dopp kits. #yalearnsomethingeveryday)
  2. for the four-legged family member - a buffalo plaid leash
  3. for the new home owner - agate coasters
  4. for the cocktail connoisseur - copper mugs
  5. for the techy book worm - a book phone cover
  6. for the backyard gardener - a gathering basket
  7. for eco-minded wine-lover - a wine bottle candle
  8. for the world-traveler/adventurer - a bucket list journal
  9. for the water bottle enthusiast - a hand painted bottle
  10. for the serial crafter - a silhouette portrait

Random Facts About Me

A perfect burrito.

A perfect burrito.

Sometimes, as I go about my day, something I do will make me think...hey, I'm kinda weird. And sometimes I'll think, does anyone know this random thing about me? I mean, we're all a little weird and we're all pretty random. So, I thought it'd be fun to share a few random/little known/or maybe well-known facts about me. 

  • I would rather do all the dishes by hand than load the dishwasher. 
  • I feel guilty about this because dishwashers are technically more water efficient than hand washing the dishes. 
  • I like my food deconstructed and then I like to make individual, perfect bites. Even burritos. I want all my burrito ingredients in their own separate little piles with the tortilla on the side. That way I can make about 20 perfect mini-burritos. Yes, I take a long time to eat a burrito. 
  • Speaking of eating, I could legitimately eat soup all day everyday. In New York, I would go to the bodega in the morning and get hot soup for breakfast, then I would go to the deli at lunch and get hot soup, then I would go home and make soup. True story. Soup is my favorite food. 
  • If I break, chip, or chew even one nail, then I have to chew the rest of them off. It's gross. But it's true. 
  • I never watched Saved by the Bell. I've never seen a single episode. I can't even tell you who's in it. 
  • Coworkers often played this game called let's name every tv show that Kerrie hasn't seen. Then they'd proceed to name almost every popular show on earth. I'd barely seen any of them. Jake has made it his life mission to get me up to speed. We watch a lot of tv. Netflix is my best friend. 

Well, there you have it. Some Kerrie randomness! Enjoy the rest of your day!

xoxo Kerrie