Happy Friday!


Jake and I are heading to Southern California for his cousin's wedding. I'm looking forward to the sunshine, an open bar on my birthday (ha!), and maybe some time on the beach! We're taking the train down the coast on Sunday to meet my dad for brunch. I'm sure I can get some beach time squeezed in there. Speaking of which, do you know of any fun brunch-y restaurants on water in either Oceanside or Carlsbad? Let me know! Have a great weekend! xoxo Kerrie

Today I Am

remembering our past

saying "I love you" a little more

hugging loved ones a little tighter

thankful for our service men and women

praying for my brother and those alongside him in Afghanistan

honoring those who have fallen before us

reflecting on this day 13 years ago

feeling humble and proud

grateful for this life.

Farmer's Market Sundays

Colorado Apples and Pears

Over the past few months, we have been frequenting the local Farmer's Market as often as possible. I try to get as much as I can at the market on Sundays before going to the grocery store on Mondays. Sometimes I browse each booth and sample everything, but these days I'm mostly in and out. It's gotten to the point where the market feels like another routine store to me. It looks something like this:

I arrive. I grab a cup of coffee at the coffee shop on the corner (often using their atm for market cash). I stop at the fruit stand for any yummy local peaches or pears if we need fruit. Then I quickly browse the True Roots farm stand. Depending on how many fresh veggies we need, I'll get much of my produce at my last stop, but I'll always get at least a few things at True Roots. I love supporting them and they have such amazing produce. I then go to Happy Leaf Kombucha and trade in my growlers for fresh kombucha. Of course I sample whatever new flavors they have. Cranberry Lavender is always awesome, but yesterday the Grape flavor was delicious. I then loop around and get some tomatoes from Rocky Mountain Fresh Tomatoes. They have EVERY COLOR! Next stop is De La Chiva for some amazing flavored goat cheeses. I love the spicy, the goat cheese brie, and, as far as sweet goes, it's a toss up between the fig and the peach. They are both divine. Then it's the tamale lady for fresh tortillas and sometimes a half dozen hot vegetarian tamales. I rarely buy them now because they are all I'll eat if they're in the house! Next stop is SunRise Ranch for bison bones for the pups and a pack of bison sausages or bratwursts for Jake. Then it's fresh eggs at the next stand. My last stop, when we need a lot of produce, is Miller's Farms. For $10 you get to fill up a potato sack with as much produce as possible. I think Jake and I are going to join their CSA next year. You get a huge basket to fill up 20 times over the summer. It's such a good deal!

Colorado True Roots Farm Market
Happy Leaf Kombucha at the Farmer's Market
Wild Mae at the Farmers Market Arvada
Arvada Farmers Market Fountain

Other notable stands include delicious salsas, homemade soups, Wisconsin cheese curds, amazing flavored oils and vinegars, local honey, granola, and a few baked goods stands. I frequent these on an as needed basis. A jar of honey lasts a long time! There is also a knife sharpener there each week. I think I'll bring my kitchen knives the next time I go. They could definitely use a professional sharpening. Food trucks surround the market and there is a water fountain in the middle that kids can play in. So perfect for the hot summer days!

I'm going to be so sad when the season ends at the end of the month. It's become one of my favorite summer traditions this year. 

Happy Birthday to my Honey

Birthday Dinner for Two - Wild Mae

Yesterday was Jake's 29th Birthday (so old!). We celebrated with breakfast before work, lunch during work, and a homemade dinner in our new house of just two. I bbq-ed a local bison steak for him and a portobello mushroom for me and served them along side steamed artichokes with garlic butter, mashed potatoes, carmelized red onions, spinach salads, and biscuits. I bought a large bottle of craft IPA and for dessert I served an assortment of treats. Key lime pie, chocolate cheesecake, and apple crumble. All mini sized. And then we watched the Lego movie (his choice!). It was a perfect, relaxing, and special evening. 

Happy Birthday again my love! You are simply the best. 

xoxo Kerrie