furniture makeover: from desk to vanity

furniture makeover desk to vanity wild mae

I've been on the hunt for a vanity for quite a while now. I've scoured Craigslist and local thrift stores and consignment shops. I've looked at traditional vanities and chunky desks. It was just that nothing seemed quite right. Or it was too expensive. Or I was unsure of how it would look next to my early century antique dresser. I finally pulled the trigger last weekend and bought a cheap $30 desk off of Craigslist. I knew I could give it a makeover. It didn't look too much like a desk. It's "leggy-ness" went well with my dresser. 

desk makeover before wild mae

The desk was a reddish color and the top and sides were laminated with a plastic coating. It was soooo glossy! My first task was to get all that gunk off using a sander. It was a messy job. I was so scared of breathing in plastic dust and getting cancer that I wore 4 layers of scarves over my face and still held my breath as much as possible. You can't be too careful. Once I got the laminate sanded enough that it'd take some paint, I moved on to the legs. The legs were just varnished so I used deglosser I had left over from when I refinished our kitchen cabinets last year. I never posted that before and after.....sorry! I'll do it. Eventually.....

sanding desk top wild mae
before and after gloss.jpg

Once everything was sanded and deglossed (just look at the difference in those two photos above. Exact same angle, exact same section of the desk top, no more reflection!), I was ready to start painting. I found some cans of old paint in our garage left over from whenever the previous owners painted the house. The color was "white dove." I painted the first layer. As you can see in the photo below, there was a lot of dark showing through. It ended up taking 4 coats of paint to cover all the dark and make it look smooth and consistent. I used a fine grit sand paper to sand everything between the third and fourth coats. Then I sanded the desktop one last time and applied a clear coat to the top. 

painting furniture wild mae

Oh, and about those new drawer pulls. They were the only ones at Home Depot with the right distance between the screw shafts. Luckily, I like them. And, luckily, the brushed nickel also matches the drawer knobs on my dresser. Win win. 

Furniture Makeover - Desk to Vanity by Wild Mae

Now, it's a vanity! Soon I'll have my boudoir/dressing room/my half of the bedroom completely done and ready for a full reveal. I can't wait!

xoxo Kerrie

updated cinder block and wood nightstand

Cinder Block and Wood Nightstand - Wild Mae

You might remember when I made myself a cinder block nightstand a few months back. I really liked the look of the cinder blocks, but the nighstand was just too small. Jake recently made himself a wall mounted nightstand using reclaimed wood. I'll show you when I post a full room tour hopefully in the next few weeks. I decided a wood top would be perfect for my side too.

Being that the reclaimed wood place is only open when I'm working and I keep forgetting to go, I got impatient and just went down to Home Depot and bought a pine plank and some stain that looked similar to Jake's nightstand. A couple hours later and voila! An updated, rustic, spacious nightstand. I love the combination of cool concrete and warm wood. I think I'll be happy with this for a while!

Wood and Cinder Block Nightstand wild mae
Cinder Block and Wood Nightstand Books Detail wild mae

Other details - the lamp is from Ikea, the marquee letter was from a Share Denver Class, the candle I believe is from Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and the alarm clock I've had since my first apartment when I was 18!

February Classes

I don't write about it too much here, but I am a regular teacher at Share Denver here in, well, Denver. Share is an awesome, creative, community-driven craft workshop. They offer all sorts of classes, host year-around events, and even have their own holiday market. I've been teaching there for a year now. A year this month in fact! I took January off to catch my breath, but now I'm back with a whole gamut of classes for Denver-ites crafty pleasure. From Weaving to Painting, there is something for everyone. And, for the first time, I'm teaching a workshop series...Amigurumi! It's scheduled out for the next 3 months and I can't wait to see how it goes. 

Weaving 101 - February 2nd

Weaving 101 - Wild Mae.JPG
crocheted hearts garland by wild mae.jpg

Crocheted Amigurumi Series - Every Tuesday for 3 weeks starting February 10th (this workshop will also be offered in March, each Thursday for 3 weeks starting on March 12th, and in April, each Tuesday for 3 weeks starting on April 14th.)

Weaving 201 - February 18th

Inspirational Wall Art - February 23rd

Love Quote Wall Art.jpg

Also, if you are ever looking for current classes, just click on the link in the banner above. It takes you directly to my Instructor Page. And, if you are looking to attend a private class or would like to plan a birthday party, a bachelorette party, any sort of crafty party please contact me! It can definitely be arranged. 

Here we go February! 

xoxo Kerrie

when you just can't wait

Simple Sewn Pouch wild mae

Jake's parents got me a sewing machine for Christmas. I sort of told myself I couldn't use it until I got my craft room back in working order. It had become sort of a catch all in the house. So, Sunday I started cleaning and reorganizing my craft room. Full reveal will be coming, but it's not quite done. As soon as I had room to move about the room, I jumped the gun and set up my sewing station. I have this custom-made sewing cabinet that my dad gave my mom in the 80s. The brackets for all the shelves were missing and I'd been using it to store yarn, fabric, and future sewing projects. Jake kindly made me new brackets while I organized and tidied up. I got everything set up, ready to go, and realized that I didn't have any thread. Darn. I finally got some the other night and even though it was 9:30 pm I just HAD TO take my new Singer for test drive. I whipped up this little pouch with some fabric I had leftover from fabric journals I used to make. I didn't iron it. I didn't hem it. I just went for it. It's cute. It's washable. It will do the perfect job of holding my millions of pens in my purse. 

Simple Pouch 2 wild mae
simple pouch 3 wild mae
simple pouch 4

Then, last night I quickly whipped up another little pouch for a friend. This one is a bit smaller and I actually lined it. I still didn't hem it. Or really iron it....but it's fun. As soon as my space is better set up, I'll be able to do all these things! Just you wait. 

another sewn pouch front - wild mae
another sewn pouch back - wild mae

Oh, and a funny story. I was talking to my mom when I was at the fabric store and I told her that I was getting supplies for the sewing machine that I got for Christmas. She asked if I just needed a new one or if mine old one broke or what. I told her I've never had my own machine MOM! She literally started laughing and was did that happen? You see, I've always sewn. I mean, not like religiously, but I would made handbags in high school, other small projects here and there, I sewed all my burning man outfits each year, and many Halloween costumes. I just always used her machine or my sister's machine. I had a bit of a sewing hiatus when I moved to NY and didn't have access to one. I took advantage of my sister's machine when she lived with us in Denver for a while. But she's moved on now, so I took another hiatus. So now, here I am, 28 years old, with my very first sewing machine of my very very own. I couldn't be more excited!