a year ago yesterday

One year ago yesterday was the last time I saw my dad.  The day had been looming and I can't believe in 3 weeks he'll have been gone a year. We had such a wonderful day together, walking along the piers, and drinking margaritas. My heart hurts so badly. Each day is both easier and harder and I just wish I could have heard his voice on my birthday. I wish we could have bet on the game . I wish I could send him a picture of Moxie, one year later. I adopted her as soon as I got home from this trip with the birthday money he gave me. I found the birthday card he gave me the other day and it hurt so much to read it. I miss you Dad.

my favorite month

Our garden shed on a rainy afternoon.

Our garden shed on a rainy afternoon.

It's September! My favorite month! The beginning of my favorite season! Around here things have been really busy, but the approach of Fall has me wanting to slow down and nest. I wake up and put on jeans and boots and a cozy sweater. I make coffee and think about making soup. Then I check the weather and realize it's going to be 86 degrees. Back into shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals. The mornings are so cool, but it doesn't last. Soup still sounds good though. But it always does. And I have made the switch from iced coffee back to hot. 

I love September. I might be bias since it's my birthday month and all, but it really is a great time of year. Jake will be thirty on Friday. That's right, THIRTY. I'm a little jealous, but also relieved that I still have one more year. We are going camping somewhere near Grand Junction for the the 3-day weekend. How lucky is it to have your thirtieth birthday on a 3-day weekend? I wanted to plan a trip with friends to Moab for camping, hiking, and dirtbiking for his birthday, but he insisted on this weekend alone. He wants to scout/hunt. It's archery season after all. Which is better for me because I can hike around with the dogs and not worry about one of us accidentally being killed. Sounds like an exaggeration, but those hunters are pretty adamant about no hikers during rifle hunting season. It makes sense. I like living. 

Oh, Canada was wonderful by the way. Campbell River is beautiful and Dolphin's Resort was so so charming. I could live in one of those little cabins. And my cousin, Elli, was just gorgeous. Every part of the wedding was perfect. Rustic yet elegant. Cozy and simple with lovely little details. I got an early birthday present from Jake and sisters Jessie and Casey. A new DSLR! I feel like the most spoiled girl on earth. I took lots of photos that I can't wait to share. BUT, the camera broke. I'm super bummed, but hopefully they'll replace it with no questions asked. I swear I didn't mistreat it. In fact, I was overly gingerly and careful and gentle when handling it. It's my new expensive toy after all. 

To Canada We Go

Jake and I, along with sisters Jessie and Casey, are heading to Canada this weekend for our cousin's wedding. By way of plane, car, and ferry. I'm excited. It's been so long since I was on Vancouver Island and I'm looking forward to going back. I'm also strangely looking forward to the 2.5 hour ferry ride (one-way!). I'm bringing cards and maybe a board game and I can't wait to catch up with my sisters and giggle. It's also going to be rainy with highs of 60 the whole time we're there. This I am also strangely looking forward too. I'm packing long dresses and cozy sweaters. Even some boots! I'm ready for Fall.

It's been one of the busiest summers ever. So, I am also looking forward to unplugging a bit. No cell service, no computer. I'm even going to delete all the photos from my phone (thank you Google Photo!) and have a clean slate for videos and photos. 

Even though it's going to be a whirlwind weekend weekend (22+ hours of traveling for 32ish hours of visiting), I'm ready to unwind. 

just the two of us

Palm Trees Wild Mae.jpg

Tomorrow Jake and I are finally crossing that "just-the-two-us vacation" off my 28 Before 29 List. We are flying to Mexico for a few days. Tulum to be specific. And I CANNOT WAIT! I've been brushing up on my spanish (Una mas cerveza por favor!), buying all the cute sun dresses, and not planning a single thing to do in Tulum! This trip is all about relaxation. We might snorkel, we might not. We might go for a hike, we might not. We will probably go to the ruins (how can we not?), I'd like to jump in a cenote, and we'll definitely be eating, drinking, and sun-bathing. Now, just to get through the rest of today!

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July (it's my favorite holiday, but Mexico will be fun too!)! I'll try to find a sparkler and light it to celebrate with you! I'll be overgramming lots of vacay pics over on Instagram, so be sure to follow along!